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XTReme House was founded in response to the growing needs of merging traditional network marketing Janeroaches and Financial Technology (FinTech).

This company carries Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to ensure that customers are lead to have a better lifestyle through the use of products with exceptional quality.

The leadership of the team is composed of people who made it really big in the MLM industry and this company is all about providing an avenue of equal chances to life success aspirants to create a personal and grand legacy not only for one’s growth but also for a family that deserves the comfort of living a life with real financial freedom that having enough money is not enough but having something to help others is.

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To make a positive lifestyle change in every household, one family at a time.


One day, a world with quality yet affordable products not only for those who knows but most especially for those who cares.


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Skin Care

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XTReme House of Beauty espouses brilliance that leads to greatness like our President and his humble beginnings. His love for numbers started in his collegiate years when he took Bachelor of Science Major in Accountancy. He embarked on his career as a banker under the Remittance Department of one of the country’s most reputable financial institutions, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company or simply Metrobank wherein he was trained to champion foreign transactions. As a top caliber professional who is gifted to see things in its wise sense, he then pursued Network Marketing because due to his extensive training and passion for numbers, he believes that financial literacy can bring someone to places. For about two decades now, he has lead five (5) MLM Companies that belong to Health & Wellness, Financial and Communication categories. This 2020 he joined the XTReme House of Beauty to continue his legacy in helping people see beyond their self-limiting beliefs. A man with a genuine smile and a heart to help people believe in themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, as victory meets glory, let’s all get acquainted with the leader that through his wealth of experience keeps people from being a victim and teaches them how to be a victor.
XTReme House of Beauty is not only a company for people to be given the chance to beat the odds and step up. It is also a company that houses, dreams as it translates into reality. From intention to action and further to vision, a man from a place where exquisite heritage braved the Network Marketing industry making all Ilonggos proud. As someone born and educated in the “Heart of the Philippine Archipelago”, he also mastered the “Heart of each company” called Sales as evident by his outstanding performance, making him a consistent top earner as he always bags the Millionaire’s Circle Award in all of the MLM companies he was connected with. There’s more to learn from this man aside from Entrepreneurial Management and practicing sincerity with integrity. He is a living proof that provincial is but a stepping stone in getting to national, a testament for all Filipinos in all corners of the country. Dear members, he’s Mario, he’s the man.


Vice President for Marketing


Vice President for Training
XTReme House of Beauty is committed in its adherence to global competitiveness and advanced business methodologies. This can only be made possible if training is in place and headed by a qualified individual whose expertise goes along with generosity. Having Political Science as his field of study and given its complexity, he is more than capable of training the trainers. With two (2) decades of reaping success in the MLM industry and having more energy to share his adeptness in organizing things to reach the peak of success, he joined the team and his skill set is a welcome addition to the leadership. As a trainer, he practices no imposition, but only a call to action. He brings out the best in people by nurturing their talents and asking them to do the same to others when they are already capable. For most people when they achieve success, they give out a testimony, but for some who knows this guy, they say thank you, Anthony.

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